1000 Calorie Accelerators

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Finally! A Workout That Burns Up To 1,000 Calories 
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By Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM, Master CTT

Dear Frustrated Friend,

Do you know how many calories you MIGHT burn during 30 minutes of jogging?


That’s it. And that’s just the average. Chances are, you’re probably burning less if you’ve been jogging for a few weeks or more.

Heck, half a snickers bar has more calories than that!

For all the sweat, time and effort – it seems average, don’t you think?

And that’s exactly why you’re getting average results.

Did you know that if you do “fat-burning exercises” everyday, like jogging, you could possibly SLOW DOWN your fat loss and do more damage to your metabolism?

And I have more bad news for you.

While you burn 230-300 calories during your cardio workout, once you stop – so does your fat burning.

It literally comes to a screeching halt.

But there’s something you can do about it today.

The 20 second secret formula below reveals the solution to permanently switch fat burning “ON” and never let it drop again … and it will only take you 1 metabolism boosting workout to skyrocket your afterburn to target stubborn belly fat every time you exercise – WITHOUT starvation dieting or marathon training sessions.

There’s a little known secret that can keep your fat burning metabolism on overdrive even after you’ve stopped working out. I’ll share this secret with you in just a moment.

Once you discover these “underground” facts, that nobody EVER talks about, you’ll know how to supercharge your workouts to accelerate calorie burning, increase fat-burning hormones, and KEEP your metabolism revving high day after day.

My name is Kate Vidulich, Exercise Physiologist, Master Certified Turbulence Trainer, and in my 10+ years of experience in the fitness industry, I’ve been researching fat loss training and testing out what actually delivers rapid results — not just on myself, but with some of San Francisco and New York City’s wealthiest and powerful men and women, who just happen to be my clients.

These people are busy, too, just like you.

These clients of mine can afford to hire any fitness trainer they want, but they choose me because I produce real results after spending years relentlessly testing the latest training methods to figure out the fastest way possible…


I discovered an unusual trick to supercharge your workouts, which in turn triples your fat loss and stokes your metabolism and I’m going to show you EXACLTY how.

Imagine doing workouts that burn up to 1000 calories, that leave you feeling energized and looking absolutely incredible each and every day, and consistently stripping away up to FIVE pounds of PURE fat week, after week…after week…

… all without EVER stepping on a treadmill.

Now how does that sound to you?


You see, the truth is that you can burn a whopping 1000 calories in a single workout. That’s 4x the calorie burning compared to jogging or classes.

But I do have to warn you. This is NOT a gimmick and it’s certainly not impossible.

Before we discuss how you can, we need to address why YOU’RE NOT losing weight in the first place.

So with these two “underground” fat loss secrets I’m about to share, you’ll learn exactly what you should and should NOT being doing to accelerate fat loss faster than you can even imagine.

Lie #1: You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet

you-cant-out-exercise-a-bad-dietNow as you might know, most fitness professionals preach that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.

Well, it just takes a special kind of rapid results plan, like the one you will find below.

I was personally involved in a ground breaking study from the University of New South Wales in Australia. My research team, led by my Professor Steve Boutcher, discovered that there was a specific version of short, burst exercise that not only allowed you to burn belly fat…

And believe it or not, this form of exercise even allowed you to OUT-TRAIN a bad diet.

In the study, 45 overweight Australian women were randomly separated into one of two groups:

Group A performed 20-minute interval training workouts three time per week using a special bike that allowed them to do an 8-second sprint followed by 12 seconds of recovery. This was repeated continually for the 20 minute workout.

Group B performed 40 minutes of slow, steady-state cardio three times per week. Note: that’s TWICE as long as the interval training group.

(Reference: Trapp, E.G., Chisholm, D.J., Freund, J., Boutcher, S.H. (2008). The effects of high-intensity intermittent exercise training on fat loss and fasting insulin levels of young women. International Journal of Obesity. 32(4):684–691.)

It’s also important to note that NO changes were made to their diet.

Quite frankly, the results are remarkable. Despite continuing with their bad diet, the interval training group lost a significant amount of fat from their bellies, thighs, and even their butts.

However, the steady cardio group didn’t lose fat at all. In fact, one subject even gained 2.2 pounds after 15 weeks of cardio.

But still, one subject, named Louise, managed to lose over 15 pounds with her short, burst interval training even without changing her terrible eating habits.

Believe it or not, she was quoted as saying this about her nutrition during the study,

“My diet was pretty bad back then, with lots of sweets, lots of junk food. I kept eating the same things, donuts and sugar, it was awful.”

So Louise was able to out-train a bad diet with her workouts.

And so can YOU.

With 1000 Calorie Accelerators, you can still burn belly fat even if you can’t stick to any kind of diet!

Lie #2: Tabata workouts ALONE
will accelerate fat loss

I hate when people say they did a “Tabata” workout – without a clue what they’re really doing.

It’s another case of someone getting hold of the scientific research on interval training and spinning it the wrong way. And I don’t believe “Tabata” is the miracle workout solution it’s cracked up to be.

Have you read the actual research study? I guess not.

Let me enlighten you now.

crossfit-exhaustedThe REAL truth about Tabata workouts

The Tabata group did a 10-minute steady state warm up followed by 7-8 continuous cycles of 20 seconds at 170% VO2 max, then 10 seconds of rest on a special bike you only find in research labs.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to sprint at 170% VO2 max for 2 seconds, let alone 20 seconds?

It’s HARDER than anything you could ever imagine. Think total exhaustion. You feel dizzy, nauseous and want to go home. It’s not like a hill sprint in spinning class.

Go for 20 whole seconds. 8 rounds. Imagine how fun that is (insert sarcasm).

You. Might. Die.

That is the intensity for a TRUE Tabata interval. Every single interval is truly an ultra-maximal effort. It feels more like an hour of exercise and it’s NOT FUN.

The original Tabata protocol was created for performance base and tested aerobic and anaerobic output of the athletes.

Nowhere in the Tabata study did they mention anything about its effectiveness for fat loss. They didn’t even study it.

So sure, maybe it does work for accelerating fat loss. Or not. It’s unknown.

1. Tabata I, Nishimura K, Kouzaki M, et al.(1996). Effects of moderate-intensity endurance and high-intensity intermittent training on anaerobic capacity and VO2max. Med Sci Sports Exerc 28 (10): 1327–30.

This is not to say doing 4 minute intervals with 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest are completely worthless or wrong.

The Canadian study conducted at the Queen’s University in 2012 proves otherwise. They showed doing 20-10 intervals of bodyweight exercises does work for increasing cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance, but it’s not the same as true Tabata.

Reference: McRae G, Payne A, et al. (2012). Extremely low volume, whole-body aerobic-resistance training improves aerobic fitness and muscular endurance in females. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 37(6):1124-31.

You’re probably wondering how many calories you burn doing Tabata-style workouts?

The research shows you burn close to 15 calories/minute.

Cool, right?

But as you can see, 4 minutes of exercise is not enough for rapid fat loss.

Now you can see why trying to lose belly fat from short workouts is really a misconception, and you could gain fat if you’re not careful.

The #1 Thing Stopping You From Maximal Fat Loss

Virtually everything to do with your weight loss is controlled by one master hormone. This hormone that controls 100% of your body’s ability to burn fat is leptin.

nm1010-1100-F3You may not know how leptin works so let me explain.

– High levels of leptin speed up your metabolism, diminish your appetite and signal your body to burn fat.

– Low levels of leptin slow down your metabolism, increase your appetite and signal your body to store fat.

Now get ready for some surprising facts regarding leptin and your weight loss.

Research shows that you face a unique problem when trying to lose weight because of your body’s resistance or insensitivity to leptin’s signal to burn fat. It’s basically like having your body’s fat-burning switch set to “OFF” all the time.

Plus, when you diet you face a rapid drop in your leptin levels, which slows down your metabolism substantially and leads to frustrating weight loss plateaus and massive rebound weight gain.

Again, not cool.

Have you ever suffered from the terrible rebound weight gain after you stop a low calorie diet?

Well, that’s because your leptin dropped significantly, making your metabolism even slower than before you started the diet, resulting in fat piling back on even when you’re eating “like a bird”.

Yet what if I told you there is a solution to permanently switch fat burning “ON” and never let it drop again?

Can you imagine how much faster and easier you could lose weight when your master fat-burning hormone is working for you instead of against you?

Can you picture how much firmer and flatter your stomach becomes and how much sexier you’ll look and feel?

You do not need another FAD detox or supplement.

In fact, extreme dieting while training hard will leave you feeling sluggish and tired, and unable to reach your athletic potential.

So What Exactly are “1000 Calorie Accelerators”?

In a nutshell, the 1000 Calorie Accelerator program was specifically designed to progress you along the calorie continuum as fast and safely as possible so that you’ll be doing full-blown 1000 calorie-burning workouts that melt fat both during and after the workout, leading to massive fat loss.

Burning 1000 calories is no easy feat.

Yeah, it’s a longer workout. But there is NO dieting involved and these workouts are awesome for big eating holidays (like Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving day).

Imagine being able to enjoy the holidays and not have to worry about feeling guilty for overindulging in your favorite foods….

… or your clothes getting suddenly smaller

… or your shirt feeling tighter

We strategically manipulate two training variables to tackle progressive overload from a unique angle.

1. Rest: the length of rest periods between exercises and rounds

2. Sets/Rounds: the number of times a circuit of exercises is completed

The end result is the fastest possible SAFE progression and accelerated fat loss results with each and every workout.

Here’s a quick example of how progression is implemented in to the monthly programming of 1000 Calorie Accelerators:       

Week 1: 2-3 rounds, rest 60-120 seconds between circuits

Week 2: 3 rounds, rest 45-90 seconds between circuits

Week 3: 3 rounds, rest 30-75 seconds between circuits

You get the picture.

The first week is always the baseline. Then every workout each week thereafter gets even more challenging, so that you burn more calories by skyrocketing your metabolism.

The REAL Hero: 1000 Calorie AFTER BURN

after-burnOne of the coolest things about the 1000 Calorie Accelerators is that once you’ve finished your workout, the real calorie burning has literally just begun.

And in case you didn’t know, it’s the number of calories you burn after the workout that helps you burn the most fat.

Let me explain…

Imagine you do a 60 minute steady state cardio workout and burn a total of 480 calories during that session.

That’s awesome, right? If you do this daily, you’re on track to lose almost a pound a week.

But you know, this workout did little for your metabolic rate. Your post workout calorie burn quickly drops down to average rates when you finish.

Now, imagine your friend does a 30 minute session of different exercise – a more intense workout that boosts your resting metabolic rate.

Sure, your friend may only burn 340 calories in that session, since it’s only 30 minutes. But it’s more intense, so they burn more calories per minute.

Here’s where the magic lies

The post workout afterburn will kick in, and this intense workout causes you to burn 10 more calories per hour more than you normally would – for 24 hours after the workout is over.

While 10 calories per hour above baseline may not seem all that exciting – let’s do the math.

Calorie burn during the workout = 340

Calorie burn after the workout = 10 calories/hour x 24 hours = 240

Calorie burn total = 580

So now you have 580 calories vs 480 calories – in half the training time.

Powerful, right?

And a study recently published in the Metabolism journal proves my point:

– Subjects performed one of two exercise training protocols:

A: Endurance training

B: High intensity interval training (HIIT)

– The endurance training protocol utilized over twice as much energy to perform the session (120.4MJ versus 57.9MJ) compared to the HIIT group

– However when corrected for the energy cost of training, the sum of the skinfold reduction after the training program indicated that the high intensity program was nine-fold greater than the endurance training group.

What does that mean?

In that study, subjects doing interval training lost 9X more total body fat compared to the endurance training group.

So listen, the results are clear…

If you want fat loss and maximal calorie burn, working out using high intensity interval training is WAY more effective than long-cardio workouts.

So how do you KNOW these workouts actually burn 1000 calories each?

Great question. The answer is simple – we tested each workout on an experimental group of more than 15 people. Each person was strapped to Polar Heart Rate monitors with advanced calorie settings, and we measured the read-out at 1000+ calories for each workout.

But how can you claim “1000 calories burned per workout” when people of different sizes burn calories at different rates?

The workouts were tested on the “average” sized individual. My clients were a mix of men and women, who weighed between 125lbs and 200+lbs.

If you weigh more, you will actually burn MORE calories, while people who weigh less will burn slightly less.

When you include the calories burned post workout in the “afterburn” period, the 1000 calorie workouts actually burn WAY more than 1000 calories even for people with a lower body weight.

What if I’m a relative beginner, or can’t do high impact exercises? Can I still use this program?

Yes! I wanted to make the program suitable for all levels of fitness so you can supercharge your workouts no matter what stage you’re at now.

The program has three levels of difficulty:

Beginner: 300 calorie Accelerator workouts

Intermediate: 500 calorie Accelerator workouts

Elite: 1000 calorie Accelerator workouts

To figure out where you should start, there is a cutting edge assessment workout included in the package.

But the BEST part?

You will NOT have to starve your way through this program.

In fact, there’s NO dieting necessary. You don’t have to change your diet and you can indulge in your cravings without worry.

It’s strategically set up that way to accelerate your results.

But this system is not for everybody, especially those looking for the latest magic pill, or “easy workout” solution.

Are You Looking for a Quick Fix?

Frankly, this is NOT for you. This may sound politically incorrect, but it’s what most people are looking for. Sorry.

But if you’re willing to work REALLY hard in your workouts for 28 days, then I promise you’ll get sexy results.

Just like you, these people said “NO” to starvation diets and boring cardio:

paulPaul lost 25lbs in 12 weeks!

Before weight: 199lbs
After weight: 174lbs

“I started seeing results and started getting excited. Never had I felt the way I was feeling after being in boot camp for a while. I actually looked forward to exercising!

Instead of spending 45 minutes on the elliptical and even more time on weights bored out of my mind, I’m doing burpees, squats, push ups, plank exercises and more in a circuit that really gets my heart rate up, metabolism working and strengthening my muscles at the same time, all in a short workout! It’s the perfect style of training for a busy New Yorker.

It has completely changed my life. I look better, feel healthier, have way more energy, booming confidence and so much more motivation and courage than before. I’ve accomplished something I didn’t think was possible and now the sky is the limit!”

-Paul Betz, 32, New York

kim47 year old woman lost 19lbs and gained confidence!

Before weight: 185lbs
After weight: 166lbs

In January 2014 I realized that I was not feeling well. I had gained weight, I was tired, I was eating lots of carbs. I was walking a lot, but staying at the same weight.

I heard about bootcamp and I went to the first class on 1/13/14 with Kate. It was fun and what I really liked was that the workouts were different. And, the time flew.

Week 3 the weight started to drop and then for each week after that more and more weight.  My body fat was going down.  I felt better, I was sleeping better, clothes that hung in my closet were starting to fit again. People were saying I looked better.  I started to feel more confident.

When I started I had no idea what a “burpee” was.  Now I can do lots of them and the real ones! I have doubled the amount of push ups I can do.  I can now hold a plank for more than a minute. I do real squats.

It’s true that when you see results you want to keep doing more.  Years of treadmills and miles of walking and I never saw the results I see now. I want to pack my gym bag at night.  I go to work early so that I can leave on time and make it to class.

I’m motivated now.  I don’t ever want to look back.  I am going to start going to 4 classes a week, this week.  I’m not sure why it took so long to find something that works, but this has.  I’m so excited to keep going.  The weight loss is great, but more importantly my health is so much better. My doctor said if I lose 10 more pounds she will take me off my blood pressure medication.

I’m hooked!

– Kim Tebbs, 47, New York


“I’m Loving The Results I’ve Seen Using Kate’s Methods!”

securedownload-1“I’ve been a follower of Kate and her Accelerators programs for about 8 months now, having done both Fat Loss Accelerators and her 21 day Abs Accelerators back to back. I’ve now moved on to the 1000 Calorie Accelerators and I’m loving them. Why? Because they REALLY challenge me (but don’t worry because there are so many levels that you can do them no matter where you are in your fitness journey, from beginner to elite).I’m also loving the results I’ve seen using Kate’s methods.

I did the 21 day Abs Accelerators just after Christmas and lost 6.4 lbs in the first week alone and achieved more muscle tone than I’ve ever had (the picture above right is Day 1 and left is Day 21). The fat that melted away was part of the dreaded “last 10 pounds” that never seemed to want to move from my body before that. At 51 years old, I can honestly say Kate’s programs have helped me move closer toward my fitness goals and the body of my dreams…at a time in my life when everyone told me it was not possible!

Regardless of your age, if you’re looking for great workouts that really put you through the paces and for stubborn fat to fall from your body, you’re in the right place. I, for one, am very thankful to have found Kate and I know you’ll love her programs too. She doesn’t just promise sexy results, she delivers!”

– Suzie Salmon, Vancouver BC, Canada

“Now I Can See My Abs!”

“Before I started training with Accelerators, I was out of shape and had gained weight from eating too much. My workouts were random and inconsistent. I wasn’t motivated to do anything.Kate’s workouts helped me get back in shape really quickly, and it’s been fun. And now I can see my abs. I feel my confident and strong.”

– Jimmy, 27, Sydney, Australia

“You’ll Burn 1000 Calories and She’s Not Fooling!”

“I love a new program from Kate, and I’m always excited to see what torture she’s come up with this time! I’m always going to support a fellow Aussie and especially when that fellow Aussie has such a nice line in fat smashing workouts!

I looked at all the levels because I train a lot of over 50’s women and the beginner workouts will be fabulous for them! I checked out the intermediate level because my kids (grown up) love to train too – and then went straight to the elite level for me (competitive is my middle name). There’s a lovely little finisher in that lot aptly called the Accelerator Finale – Oh. My. God! When Kate says you’ll burn 1000 calories per workout she’s not fooling – I was well and truly smashed! Excited to try more workouts from this program. When I’ve recovered! Love, love, love them!

– Lisa Bullock, Melbourne, Australia

“Kate Has Changed My Life in the Best Possible Way”

“When I first came to Long Island Fit Body Boot Camp, I was 172 pounds and miserable. It was the heaviest I’d ever been and I was very nervous about joining a boot camp as I assumed I’d never be able to keep up. Before working out with Kate, I never really exercised. I’d go through usual cycles of joining a gym, going five times and then never going again.

Kate made working out fun for me, which I thought was an unachievable feat. I lost over 30 pounds, and also gained a confidence I’d never had before. I honestly mean it when I say Kate has changed my life in the best way possible.”

– Rachel Horner, Los Angeles

“Here’s the Difference Between A Good Workout and A Great Workout”

gifarI’ve done Kate’s workouts before and they’re always challenging.  And this was no pushover!  I finished the workout red faced, sweaty and definitely done for the day!  The Metabolic intervals were really hard work but good fun – I personally hate running but the sprints at the end of my workout made the difference between a good workout and a great workout.  My friend can’t even speak properly yet for huffing and puffing lol, and she’s a Black Belt in Karate!  Have to go sit down now! Thanks Kate!

– Gifar Hassan, Melbourne, Australia

“I’m in better shape now than I ever was in my 20’s!”

“Kate’s transformation has been an inspiration to me.

Two months before a big birthday, I called on Kate to help me get back in shape. As a busy school teacher, I am constantly running after children and I was struggling to keep up. When I started working out, I weighed over 73kg. With the help of Kate’s online coaching programs, I lost over 14kg and kept it off. I feel like I’m in better shape now than I ever was in my twenties.

To be honest, I don’t really enjoy working out. I spent so many years doing the same cardio at the gym and I was over it. Kate created a program for me to do in my flat with dumbbells and body weight exercises. I hardly did any cardio and surprisingly lost more fat than ever before. The workouts Kate designed were challenging and tough, but really easy to follow. I found myself looking forward to working out and it didn’t take up all my free time. Kate is really dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Thanks Kate, I feel amazing without ever being deprived of a life.”

– P. Andronicos, School Teacher, London, UK

I Can Fit in My Skinny Jeans Again!

“I have been training with Kate for 4 years. We have refined my regime so tightly that there is absolutely no time wasted. I don’t have the time or energy for workouts that don’t produce results.

We begin or end each workout with a metabolic set of full-body accelerators. These sets have become key in changing the shape of my body (and shredding fat). For strength training, we do 4 sets of 8 reps of targeted muscle groups. It’s consistency over time that keeps the results steady. I am thrilled as I can fit into my skinny jeans all the time instead of just on certain days.”

– Eleanor, New York, NY

“You Can Start With Workouts at Your Fitness Level”

“I just wanted to thank you so much for this program! It is a real butt kicker and I love it. The format is fantastic, easy to follow and man, I can’t wait to see the results! I also like the way it is set out with the beginner, intermediate and advanced programs which gives everyone a chance to do the workouts at their own fitness level. The exercise library is also something that beginners will find very helpful as sometimes exercises sound very complicated but they aren’t. The pictures show exactly what to do. So keep up the great work and again thanks for producing this, it is well worth it!”

– Judy Hill, Calgary, Canada

How can you get sexy
results without starvation diets?

This 1000 Calorie Accelerators Package includes a 28 day Accelerators rapid results plan, with beginner, intermediate and elite step-by-step workout guide to blast your weight loss, plus challenging body sculpting workouts to keep your metabolism cranking.

This is not some lame cardio and diet program but rather a proven done for you system that I have used with my private coaching clients to lose up to 11lbs in only 21 days all while saving an additional $ in the process!

Here’s Exactly What You Get With The 1000 Calorie Accelerators System

fast start guideComponent 1: 1000 Calorie Accelerator Fast Start Guide
($59.95 Value)

In the 1000 Calorie Accelerator Fast Start Guide you will discover:

▪ The cutting edge workout assessment to determine the right Accelerator workout level for you (including beginner, intermediate or elite)

▪ How to use the powerful combination of high intensity training, metabolic resistance training and hybrid metabolic complexes to boost your calorie burn for hours after you workout

▪ Comprehensive guidelines for any fitness level to help you accelerate your results and maximize your fat burning hormones.

28 day workout planComponent 2: 28 day 1000 Calorie Accelerators Workout Plan
($69.95 Value)

In the 28 day 1000 Calorie Accelerators Workout Plan you will discover:

▪ The latest, customized high intensity workouts strategically designed to burn 300, 500 or 1000 calories each and every workout for 28 days.

▪ A day-by-day workout plan for beginners, intermediate and elite levels, that shows you exactly what you need to do to destroy your plateau and get fast results.

▪ High quality exercise descriptions and comprehensive workout logs so you can track your progress!

▪ And much more…

exercise indexComponent 3: The 1000 Calorie Accelerators Exercise Index
($29.95 Value) 

In 1000 Calorie Accelerators Exercise Index you will discover:

• High quality photos and descriptions of every single exercise in the program, with step-by-step instructions to execute the moves with perfect form.

• Over 80 pages of unique and never-before released fat burning exercises that you can do at home or in the gym

• The TOP challenging and time saving exercises to burn belly fat with only minimal equipment. Remember, this is an ANTI DIET workout program.

PLUS, TODAY, You’ll Get As A FREE Bonus – The 1000 Calorie Accelerator Challenges Detailing EXACTLY What You Need To Do To Out Train Your Bad Diet AND TORCH OFF STUBBORN BODY FAT!



challengesThe BIG Bonus:1000 Calorie Accelerator Challenges
($49.99 Value)

In the 1000 Calorie Accelerator Challenges you will discover:

• 10 NEW extreme dumbbell, barbell and bodyweight 1000 Calorie Accelerators that are perfect for big eating holidays (like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas)

• You can do the “EPIC Accelerator” workouts to crank your fat loss and skyrocket your metabolism for hours.

• These workouts are ONLY for the tough and daring, who are serious about getting fast results. You will challenge your body and your mind in a brand new way. Definitely NOT for beginners.



1000 calorie


The Best part Is That This Entire System Is Completely Downloadable, So Once You Invest In This System, You Will Get INSTANT ACCESS RIGHT NOW – No Waiting.

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Because I believe in what I teach and know that you will experience head turning results, just like all of the good people that I’ve helped in the past, I will not just promise life changing results – I will absolutely guarantee them…

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Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM, Master CTT
Exercise Physiologist
Author of 1000 Calorie Accelerators
Author of Fat Loss Accelerators.com

P.S. There is NO RISK at all for you to try the 1,000 Calorie Accelerators System. If you aren’t thrilled with the amount of belly fat you’ve lost and how hard you can work your abs without boring crunches with the 1000 Calorie Accelerators System in 60 days, let us know and we’ll refund your order. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

P.P.S. You CAN FINALLY eat what you want – if you’re willing to put in the work. That’s what you get with this 1,000 Calorie Accelerator System.



Q: I want to start losing fat now. Will I have to wait for you to ship me all this information before I can get started?

A: No! You can download the entire program immediately after your purchase in just minutes – and start using these NEW fat burning techniques today! No shipping fees, no waiting for results!

Q: So how do you KNOW these workouts actually burn 1000 calories each?

A: Great question. The answer is simple – we tested each workout on an experimental group of more than 15 people. Each person was strapped to Polar Heart Rate monitors with advanced calorie settings, and we measured the read-out at 1000+ calories for each workout.

Q: But how can you claim “1000 calories burned per workout” when people of different sizes burn calories at different rates?

A: The workouts were tested on the “average” sized individual. My clients were a mix of men and women, who weighed between 125lbs and 200+lbs.

If you weigh more, you will actually burn MORE calories, while people who weigh less will burn slightly less.

When you include the calories burned post workout in the “afterburn” period, the 1000 calorie workouts actually burn WAY more than 1000 calories even for people with a lower body weight.

Q: What if I’m a relative beginner, or can’t do high impact exercises? Can I still use this program?

A: Yes! I wanted to make the program suitable for all levels of fitness so you can supercharge your workouts no matter what stage you’re at now.

The program has three levels of difficulty:

Beginner: 300 calorie Accelerator workouts

Intermediate: 500 calorie Accelerator workouts

Elite: 1000 calorie Accelerator workouts

To figure out where you should start, there is a cutting edge assessment workout included in the package.

Q: Will I starve with this program?

A: NO! You will NOT have to starve your way through this program.

In fact, there’s NO dieting necessary. You don’t have to change your diet and you can indulge in your cravings without worry.

It’s strategically set up that way to accelerate your results.

Q: Am I just going to lose a lot of weight then put it back on again?

A: No. The cool thing about 1,000 Calorie Accelerators is that it boosts and protects your metabolism, to make sure the weight you lose stays off. In fact, the 1,000 Calorie Accelerators system increases your metabolism as you lose fat rapidly.

Q: I’m not in my 20’s or 30’s. Will this program still work for someone considerably older?

A: Yes. We’ve already had plenty of people in their 50’s and 60’s experience massive success while using the program. You can start at the beginner level and still make excellent progress. The program is designed to have you losing fat fast while increasing your metabolism – no matter what age you are.

Q: What equipment do I need for these workouts?

A: The workouts are designed with dumbbells and bodyweight primarily, so you will need access to those. While a gym membership helps, you CAN do these workouts at home. Basic home gym equipment will cover it and no fancy expensive gear is necessary.

Q: What if I don’t have “a lot” of weight to lose?

A: Whether you’re already in “good” shape or you’re just starting out, this program was designed to get you to your next goal as fast and safely as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you have 10lbs or 40lbs to lose – the 1,000 Calorie Accelerators will get you exactly where you want to be…faster.

Q: Are 1,000 Calorie Accelerators only for men, or can women do them, too?

A: Listen, this program is for folks who enjoy training hard, and are looking to chisel a lean, athletic body. Men AND women can benefit equally. In fact, women tend to be my hardest working clients – especially the brides. I’ve never seen anyone training harder than a women getting ready for her big day!

Q: What if the workouts are too hard?

A: Start conservatively. Take a longer rest between sets or reduce the number of rounds initially. Exercises can always be substituted.

Q: How soon can I expect to see results?

A: Depending on where you are with your current training, you should notice results in the first two weeks. By the end of the first month, you should make noticeable changes.

Q: What if it doesn’t work for me?

A: Then it’s 100% FREE.

If you follow the 1,000 Calorie Challenge 28 day program exactly as outlined in the materials, and for any reason are NOT entirely satisfied with the results you achieve from your efforts, just contact us and we’ll refund your money. It’s that simple.

We stand behind our program to get you extremely FAST fat loss and rapid results, and if doesn’t yield those results for you when followed, you get your money back.

No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.

If you have any questions, please email me at info@fatlossaccelerators.com


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